Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Features from last week

Forgot to post these up. I don't know if I grasped the assignment completely- I just saw moments/ people I found interesting on the street and photographed them. I had trouble taking the pictures without them noticing/ caring which is why some aren't as technically sound as I would like- I felt like I was rushing.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Update 4

This guy was playing some music outside of The Franklin Institute on Saturday, and he saw me take his picture. He said "everybody's taking pictures, nobody's giving me money." I did end up giving him a bit.

Catching the droplets- I used a shutter of 1/500 I believe. I took a few but liked this one because of the background.
Stairs at The Franklin Institute.
The original door of the Eastern State Penitentiary.

Al Capone's cell- look how decorated. I found it very interesting that all of the inmates had flushing toilets and heating at a time when the majority of people used outhouses, but this wasn't for comfort- it was to maintain separation between the inmates which was constantly monitored.
Gross- rotted toilet paper?
Not a great pan- I think I will keep trying.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update 3

I just loved the way this looked! I sort of wish it was a little more level though.

Update 2

I think like this the best, you get a feel for the placement.

Murals are truly amazing.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Portrait Assignment


Christina Perles, 20, with her dog Prince

Megan Guiltinan, 20

Chelsea Sexaur, 22
Vanja Pejic, 22

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update 1

These are just a few out-takes from portraiture, I will post more soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Strangers Assignment

I am so upset these photos didn't work in class! I'm thinking it might be because the original files were saved to mybackpack but I'm not sure. I took ten but I will leave you with seven.

In Newark, NJ in the parking lot of a Burger King I confronted a couple- or maybe they were friends or brother and sister- I'm not sure. I loved this picture of her conversing with cigarette in hand- it might be hard to tell what she is doing which is a possible downside to the photo, as well as her hand being chopped off, but I like the natural feel of it and the environmental aspect. She was very into the idea of no-posing.

I saw this woman under the underpass near Reading Terminal and I liked her look, she was very calm and had no
problem with me photographing her. I had her stand in a couple different places to test lighting situations and
background and I ended up liking the swishing-car photo the best.

I took this picture in The Gallery at Market East in a small fresh-grocer convenient store. At first I wanted to photograph the woman who worked there but she didn't want me to and sent me over the owner, translated my request, and he agreed. He was very friendly and open and picked up that zucchini with no direction.

This was taken in Newark, NJ- I was actually waiting for a train transfer with my sister and we decided to explore the neighborhood while we waited. I came across few people who would let me photograph them but these two girls were open to the idea and I made sure to take this before they were ready.

I was in New York last weekend and my friend and I were walking around Washington Square park- near the NYU campus, where I met these lively girls dancing their hearts out. I wanted to show movement and I liked how the forms of people are still recognizable even though there is a lot of blur.

This was in the West Village late at night and I loved watching these kids run around- they were getting so much joy out of simply running back and forth chasing each other. It was funny to watch other passerby smile at them and laugh at how amazingly simple their happiness was- it was great and they were adorable. I liked the juxtaposition here- the old man on the bench and the young children running- his stillness and their motion.

This was at the train station in my home town and even though it is extremely overexposed I still wanted to use it because I love his expression and body language and the old ladies in the background. I was in a major rush to catch the train which is why I didn't take more frames or check my settings- big mistake.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Post Ever

So, I have never officially had my own blog before! Once for class but I think I will keep this one and continue on. Hopefully I will have something interesting to show you within the next couple of days. 

For now,